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"How dare you break wind before me?" - Alotta Fagina

Alotta Fagina is a character in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

She is portrayed by Fabiana Udenio.


Alotta was introduced in the film when Number Two introduced himself and his "Italian confidential secretary" to Austin Powers in a blackjack game at Las Vegas. Her name is a joke on the phrase, "A lot of vagina", and a parody of Pussy Galore a character in the James Bond series.

Later in the movie, Alotta seduces Austin into having sex with her to find out his true identity. Later, Austin is about to arrest Dr. Evil when Alotta shows up with a gun up to Vanessa's head. Vanessa knocks Alotta out cold and they both run out of the lair after starting the self-destruct sequence. She survives the explosion although not shown in the film, also it does not appear again since.


  • Alotta Fagina is a gag name, being a parody of the name Pussy Galore from James Bond's Goldfinger.
  • She is one of the only two female characters in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery to have D-cup bust sizes, the only difference is that Mrs. Kensington's breasts are real and Alotta Fagina's breasts are fake. This foreshadow's the loyalty they have for Austin.
  • In the hot tub scene, Alotta whispers to Austin: In Japan, men come first, women come second. This is a spoof of a scene in another James Bond film, You Only Live Twice, in which Bond is told the same by Tiger, as women bathe him.
  • "Italian confidential secretary" is a reference to Mr. Osato's "confidential secretary" Helga Brandt who is introduced in You Only Live Twice.*
  • In the scene where Alotta takes off her robe and walks over to the hot tub, it is assumed she is naked, because you can see her breasts floating at the top of the water. Yet when she steps in you can see she is wearing underwear.
  • The Italian translation of Alotta reads "Annabella." Annabella, a real Italian name, is similar to "Ha 'na bella" (She) Has a beautiful).
  • Some American television versions of the film, as aired on TBS and Fox Network use alternate footage in which the character's name is changed to Alotta Cleavaga (pronounced Cleave-va-jay). Recent TBS rebroadcasts, however, have restored the original version of the name.
  • In a deleted scene, Basil Exposition explains that Alotta had changed her name after the events of the movie because of the inconvenience the name caused her. Basil says that her new name is Sandy Fagina.
  • In the film, Austin calls Alotta as "the village bicycle -- everybody's had a ride."
  • Many fans have ranked several of the Austin girls in accordance of sexual stamina and in these polls, Alotta was consistently voted in the top 3, out ranking outhers such as Ivana Humpalot and even Felicity Shagwell.
  • She is most likely based on Fiona Volpe and Helga Brandt.

Parody of[]

  • Pussy Galore - Goldfinger
    • Her name is a direct parody of Pussy Galore.
  • Fiona Volpe - Thunderball
    • Fiona is a henchman of Emilio Largo. Alotta is Number 2's secretary.
    • They are both Italian.
    • They both have a scene in a tub while the hero is present.
  • Helga Brandt - You Only Live Twice
    • They are both secretaries.
    • Helga is a member of SPECTRE while Alotta appears to be a member of Dr. Evil's crew.
  • Miss Taro - Dr. No
    • They are both secretaries working for the villain.
    • The house that she meets is staying in is similar to the Miss Taro's home.
  • Naomi - The Spy Who Loved Me
    • Both secretaries.


#2: Her name is Alotta. Alotta Fagina.
Austin: Come again?
Alotta: Alotta Fagina.
Austin: I'm sorry. I'm just not getting it. I thought you said your name was a lot of... um, nevermind.
Alotta: How dare you break wind before me!
Austin: Sorry baby. I didn't know it was your turn!

Alotta moments before making love to Austin

Alotta: Let's make love, you silly, hairy, little man.