Welcome to Austin Powers Wiki! To get you started out, Here are some things you can do to improve the Austin Powers Wiki:

Things you can do Edit

If you are bored and want to do something to help the community, try something from this list.

  • Create help pages, try to name them wisely, so links made into MediaWiki will work..
  • Invite your friends, but don't spam.
  • Create pages, preferably that are either Austin Powers related or wiki related in general. Remember that you can make sub pages by adding /subpagename after the title of the page. For example, a sub page to main page could be Main_Page/somesubpage. We could use our own help section, instead of the outside links. :)
  • Edit existing pages. We can always use more content.
  • Categorize pages
  • Create stubs/Fix stubs
  • Invite your friends. We're always looking for new people.
  • Create an account! That way we know who you are, and you're given credit for your contributions.
  • Ask questions! If you don't know what you're doing, ask one of the administrators
Vandals Please read Austin Powers:Blocking policy. You have been warned.