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The Delegate Committee exists to create solutions to disputes on Austin Powers. This solution can be anything up to and including a ban from editing Austin Powers for a period of time. The DelCom cases can be surfaced on this project's talk page.

The Delegate Committee is the last step in the dispute resolution process - it is a last resort to be turned to when all else has failed. Before turning to the Delegate Committee, you should contact an administrator for your dispute. If that fails, contact a bureaucrat. After all fails, come to the Delegate Committee.

During the first major wide-spread vandalism by PoW (otherwise known as Willy on Wheels), Goldmember has called up two users, Dr. Evil and No. 2 into a group. The group held a conference on Dr. Evil's talk page, where that hosted the 1st DelCom decision. The DelCom, in other words, was founded on that day, and was activated by PoW himself. Though Goldmember has founded the DelCom, he decided that power should be vested in Dr. Evil. The DelCom can resolve major disputes, deal with major vandals, and other major problems. The DelCom may have to be used during inter-wiki affairs (hence the name "Delegate"), which may never have to be used.

The DelCom members are appointed by the President, Dr. Evil. Other members within the DelCom can appoint users to the DelCom only with the President's approval. Any member can surface a dispute between two users who have been in a war, or a case for an extreme vandal. A normal user can request a DelCom decision to be surfaced by contacting one of the ten Delegates. When a DelCom case has been surfaced, the delegate who surfaced the case must make a note on every delegate's talk page that a new decision has been surfaced and they must come to the DelCom's talk (right here). Any DelCom decision will pass with a 60% consensus (6 out of 10 members). During a time when any number of DelCom mebers are absent or vacant, the consensus will still be 60%, never to be modified, reguardless of member count. Members 3 through 10 have equal power among themselves, reguardless of number. Number One is the "President" of the committee. The President can do anything in the DelCom. He can appoint any user to the DelCom without any consent, dismiss a delegate (in other words, remove), and can even kill a case without any consent. Killing a case is a very powerful move, and the President should think before he leaps before killing the case. Though, he can revive the case afterwards. A delegate can be dissmissed from the President himself, a DelCom case, or resignation. The most powerful (and most feared) power the President can use is the adjourn power, which dismisses all delegates from 2-10 in the current DelCom. The President should only use this IF the current DelCom is not in working order (in other words, corrupt). The President can then appoint other users into the new DelCom and reform the DelCom until the DelCom is in working order. Note that the President can re-appoint former delegates back to the DelCom.

Number Two is the Vice President of the DelCom and has only two(sometimes three) powers. The Vice President can kill a case and use the dissmiss power. In very extreme times, the Vice President can use the adjourn power to dissmiss members 3-10 and reform the DelCom with the help of the President. The President can halt the Vice President's choice to use the adjourn power. Though the Vice President can dissmiss a delegate, he/she can never dissmiss the President.

If the Vice President spot is vacant, an election is held inside the DelCom. Anyone can nominate anyone but themselves. The two who gets the most nominations become candidates for Vice President. If there is no clear nominees, the President will choose the two who is worthy enough to become candidates. The DelCom then hold a case for the election. The Nominee who carries the most votes (no consensus in this case) will become Vice President.

The following users are delegates:

  1. Dr. Evil(Active)
  2. Goldmember(Semi-Active)
  3. No. 2(Active)
  4. MaxiMe(Active)

Seats 5-10 are currently vacant

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