Austin Powers
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Austin Powers 4 is a proposed sequel and the fourth installment in the Austin Powers franchise.

It used to be rumored to be called Austin Powers in Thunderballs or Austin Powers: License to Shag and there was also said to be a Dr. Evil spin-off, but it never happened. Verne Troyer who portrayed Mini-Me had said he had no idea if they are making it.

Later, he stated in May 2017 that in the film, Austin Married Foxy Cleopatra and had a Daughter named Vanessa Felicity Powers after Vanessa Kensington and Felicity Shagwell (Played by Zendaya). Mini-Me would reveal his ability to speak. However, plans for this were scrapped as Troyer died of alcohol poisoning on April 21, 2018.

Mike Myers had hinted at the possibility of producing a sequel.