Committe members:to close a case, add {| width=100% cellpadding=12pt | colspan=3 style="border: 1px solid black; background-color: Green; line-height:1.5" |(case goes here)|} around the case.

Sample Case

This is a sample for how all cases should look like. This is not a real case, but a way every delegate should surface cases. Below is the sample.

Section One:State the parties involved in this case (Don't forget to notify the parties!)

Section Two:State the reason you surfaced this case

Section Three:Specify the suggested block time(Only if this is a vandal case)

Under these statements, the DelCom will decide the block time between (enter time here) and (enter time here). The DelCom also has the option to kill this case. Case surfaced by (enter your timestamp and signature here).

Arguments made by the involved parties

The involved parties can enter statements to guide the DelCom in deciding. You can also argue that the DelCom should kill the case for a good reason.

Also, the delegates can come up with a solution to the dispute without taking a poll.


This is where the delegates decide what will happen. The delegates can either write block, oppose blocking, support (state the party you support), or kill. The options depend on the kind of case. For example, if this is a vandal case, the decisions will be block, oppose blocking, or kill. Writing kill means you want to end the case and no action by the DelCom will take place. Remember, if there is no clear consensus on a decision, the President can appoint up to five to seven temporary delegates.

After there is a consensus, a delegate can close the case.

To close the case, write The outcome of this decision has been (write DelCom decision here. Remember to write in bold!) which has passed with (write consensus percent here).

DelCom case No. (write case number here) closed by (add your timestamp and signature here by adding ~~~~)

DelCom decision No. 1

The result was Block for Indefinate time There are two parties involved in this case; The entire Austin Powers Wiki, and Poophead on Wheels!!!.

Reason for launch of case: Poophead on Wheels!!! is the vandal from Wikipedia, now widely known as Willy on Wheels (WoW). So far, Poophead on Wheels!!! (PoW) has moved several hard-worked articles on this Wiki. Now on Wikipedia, it has been known to block on sight when WoW strikes. This user can create the same kind of chaos he created on Wikipedia, probably bringing the WikiDefcon up all the way to One. There is enough proof that PoW has created this chaotic scene just by looking at his user contributions. Moving pages is easy, but reverting the move is hard to do.

The suggested block time should be anywhere between 1 year or infinite.

Under these statements, the DelCom will decide whether to block for 1 year or infinte. Also, the DelCom has another option to drop this case(stop this case and unblock PoW). Also note that this decision will aslo affect Poophead's block. (Case surfaced by Goldmember(talk)(A.K.A Funnybunny) 02:44, 7 May 2006 (UTC))

  • Block PoW for infinite time. Goldmember(talk)(A.K.A Funnybunny) 02:44, 7 May 2006 (UTC)
  • Block for indefinte time, even though he is probably an imposter. Dr.Evil(Talk) 15:38, 7 May 2006 (UTC)

The outcome of this decision has been block for indefinite time which has passed with 66 and two-thirds percent. PoW and Poophead will immediately be blocked for the specified amount of time. When this case was launched, there were three members in the DelCom.

DelCom Case No. 1 closed by Goldmember(talk)(A.K.A Funnybunny) 01:15, 8 May 2006 (UTC)

DelCom decision No. 2

This case is closed until consesus is reached for the Proposed deltion policy

Dr.Evil(Talk) 04:32, 8 June 2006 (UTC) There are two parties involved in this case; The entire Austin Powers Wiki, and articles that contain R-rated words.

Reason for launch of case: The article Swinger has been placed into the new Arricle improvment drive last week and since then I have seen more and more R-rated words such as sex & drugs. Proof of this is highly noticable. Once you start to read the swinger article you will end up reading something bad, like oral sex is bolded. I have created two new templates for the article or future articles that have the same probelm. I suggest that we have to rewrite the whole article or delete it before the article becomes a problem and young viewers will learn about "swinging" and start to do it, we will get in trouble.

Under these statements, the DelCom will decide whether to delete the article or rewrite it to fit Austin Powers Wiki's article writing policy.

  • Support the article, I think its part of Austin Power's life and we need to rewrite it. No. 2 18:03, 7 June 2006 (UTC)
  • Support the article rewrite. I made it, but we need to keep it more about Austin Powers than it is now. Also because it is really a major part of the movies. change to Oppose I put some though into it, and realized that info about sex should not be removed. I will be proposing a no-censorship policy at User:Dr.Evil/Proposed polcies Dr.Evil(Talk)01:45, 8 June 2006 (UTC)
Will this be your final say in the decision, Dr. Evil? If so, you may close the debate and write the outcome. Goldmember(talk)(A.K.A Funnybunny) 01:52, 8 June 2006 (UTC)
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