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Basil Exposition

"I suggest you don't worry about those things and just enjoy yourself." - Basil Exposition

Basil Exposition is a character in the Austin Powers franchise and Austin Powers' mission-giver.

Basil gives Austin his missions and various information. In International Man of Mystery his mother is introduced (and attacked by Austin who thought she was a man in a disguise) and he sends Austin and Vanessa a wedding present at the end of the film. In The Spy Who Shagged Me he gives Austin his time machine car and in Goldmember he gives him another time machine car and introduces him to Number 3 in Dr. Evil's organization, Ironically Number 3 has a huge Mole on his face to which Austin continuously says mole because Dr Evil also gets concerned until Basil is forced to talk to him disrespectfully. In the end, he also became Dougie's mission-giver for defeating Scott Evil and Goldmember.

Basil is played by Michael York.


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  • He takes the place of James Bond's M and Q.
  • His name in Spain is Johnny Mentero, a wordplay on the expression "Yo ni me entero" that can be translated as "I have no clue".
  • His name sounds like "Babbles Exposition" which he is known to do


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