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June 2006[]

Juen 7, 2006[]

DelCom decision No. 2 is now open for discussion by No. 2

Juen 6, 2006[]

The Swinger article is protected for further DelCom discussion on its bad worded paragraphs.

May 2006[]

May 11, 2006[]

  • Main page has been revamped to a better layout. Accomplished by: No. 2

May 10, 2006[]

  • MaxiMe has joined our wiki. Welcome!
  • DelCom project page is formed. All future cases should be surfaced on the talk page of that project.

May 8, 2006[]

  • 1st DelCom case closed with a decision to block Poophead and Poophead on Wheels infinitely. The decision passed with a consensus of 66 and two-thirds percent.

May 6, 2006[]

  • Willy on Wheels has attacked this Wiki through the medium of Poophead.
  • DelCom has become active. (Founding date of DelCom)
  • 1st DelCom session held in Dr.Evil's talk page as a response to Poophead on Wheels.

May 1, 2006[]

  • We have 14 articles!

April 2006[]

April 26, 2006[]