Austin Powers
Desert Eagle Mk VII
Desert Eagle Mk. VII
Introduced & Produced: 1990-Present
Manufacturer: Israel Military Industries
Ammunition Type: .357 Magnum
Feed System: 9 Round Magazine
Type: Semi-Automatic Pistol
Secondary Fire: None
Accessories: None
  • Vanessa Kensington
  • The IMI Desert Eagle Mk. VII is the primary firearm used by agent Vanessa Kensington of the Ministry Of Defense. It was only seen in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

    Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery[]

    Upon her arrival in Las Vegas, Nevada with Austin Powers; Vanessa got to unpacking in their apartment. She looked over her smaller Colt 1908 Vest Pocket pistol that her mother used back in the 60's. She disliked the pistol and decided to use this as her primary weapon of choice.