Austin Powers

Gwyneth Paltrow as Dixie Normous

"Oh, Austin. Behave." -Dixie Normous

Dixie Normous (Gwyneth Paltrow) is the fictional female lead in the movie-within-the-movie entitled Austinpussy featured in Austin Powers in Goldmember. The name is a parody of the short-lived Plenty O'Toole in the Bond film Diamonds Are Forever.


Dixie works for the police force, and is a single mother. She is first seen in the opening titles, riding a motorcycle to escape a hellicopter (which Tom Cruise's Austin dispatches). She is immediatly flirtatious with Tom Cruise's Austin, and laughs when he asks "Shall we shag now, or shag later?". It is implied that she is main Bond girl of Austinpussy, since her backstory is explored. Like other girls in the Austin Powers universe, she tells Austin to "behave". This could mean that her character will not double-cross Austin (like Vanessa Kensington or Alotta Fagina) because, in the movies, girls that tell Austin to "behave" turn out to be female protagonists (Vanessa Kensington was a female protagonist, later turning on Austin). She then sticks her tongue in his mouth as she kisses him, only to be interrupted by Dr. Evil and Mini-Me.


In the short time she is seen, Dixie is portrayed as a contrast between ditzy sex symbol and tough cop. She often puts undue emphasis in key words in every sentence (such as "slash", "sexy" and her surname during her introduction). Despite viewing herself as "tough", she makes no attempt to hide her attractiveness, speaking slowly and calling herself "sexy".Dixie Normous  

"Real-Life" Basis[]

Although Austinpussy is based on Austin Power's life, Dixie Normous is an invented character, the only one in the film. She appears to be based on Felicity Shagwell, who shares her police background, flirtations with Austin, and her command of an uncharacteristic vehicle. If there was a "real-life" Dixie Normous, it is likely that she is not quite as exagerated as the character.


  • Many of the fans have ranked each Powers girl in terms of sexual stamina. Despite never being shown having sex with anyone, Dixie is actually ranked the #2 best in bed in the polls.
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