Austin Powers

The Dr. EV-il ad was a 2022 Super Bowl ad for General Motors. The ad contains four villains from the Austin Powers Universe


This summary is based off the 60-second ad slot

Dr. Evil has taken over General Motors and is planning on using the company as a launch pad for taking over the world. Number 2 states that "GM's ultium platform will power their whole operation." Scott Evil then states that "this will reduce tailpipe emissions." Dr. Evil fakes being sad. Scott Evil then reveals his son who looks like his grandfather saying that he wants a better future for his son.

Dr. Evil becomes emotional and then says that he will name him Baby-Me. Scott Evil contradicts his father saying that his name is Kyle. Dr. Evil attempts to eject Scott Evil but then Frau Farbissina stops him by smacking his hand. Frau Farbissina then says that Dr. Evil "must save the world, then take it over." Dr. Evil repeats what Frau Farbissina said and claims the idea for his own. Scott Evil then reminds Dr. Evil that Frau just said that. Scott Evil and Dr. Evil argue about Scott not getting something. Dr. Evil then attempts to eject Scott Evil again and Frau Frabissina smacks Dr. Evil's hand again stopping him. Frau Farbissina the says that they will reduce their carbon footprint.

Dr. Evil and the three others get up along with Kyle. They get into one of General Motors many electric cars. Dr. Evil the announces that they're going all electric by 2025. A text box pops up saying there will be 30 new electric vehicles by 2025. Everyone gets in the car except Scott Evil who is stopped by Dr. Evil. Dr. Evil the says goodbye to "Baby-Me." The General Motors logo pops up with GM's slogan.

The Ads Point[]

The point of the ad is to promote General Motors new line of electric vehicles. The vehicles will release by 2025.


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