Austin Powers

Dr. Evil's Moon Base is the third and final hideout of Dr. Evil in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, with the other two being his Seattle hideout in the Space Needle and secret volcano lair, which are both back on Earth.

Dr. Evil, along with his clone, Mini-Me, had plans to turn the Moon into a “Death Star” in order to execute the “Alan Parsons Project” which they planned to use to destroy Washington D.C. along with every other major city on Earth unless the government pays him his ransom of $100 billion. When Dr. Evil and Mini-Me arrived on the Moon, they developed two Moon Units on the base out of his workers: Moon Unit Αlpha and Moon Unit Zappa.

Austin Powers, along with his girlfriend Felicity Shagwell, travelled to the moon using Apollo 11 as a transport to get there. When Austin and Felicity arrived they went to Dr. Evil's Moon Base to confront him. Austin got into a fight with Mini-Me trying to find him. Austin defeated Mini-Me in the fight by ejecting Mini-Me out of the Moon Base and into the vacuum of space. When Austin found Dr. Evil, he had already captured Felicity and was using gas to kill her, Austin tried to save the world along with Felicity. He saved the world when he misguided the laser away from Washington, but was too late in saving Felicity resulting in her death. Austin was going to kill Dr. Evil, but Dr. Evil told him that there was a time machine in the main chamber and could use it to save both the world, and Felicity. When he went back in time to ten minutes ago, Austin and his past-self succeeded and saved both the world, and Felicity, which led to Dr. Evil self-destructing the Moon Base. Austin and Felicity escaped using the time machine, and Dr. Evil, and most likely Frau Farbissina, escaped using his penis-shaped rocket. The Moon Base was then destroyed with both remaining Moon Units on it. Dr. Evil found Mini-Me in space and rescued him after he evacuated his moon base using his rocket. Dr. Evil then abandoned the moon and moved to Hollywood.