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"Care to have a little fun?" - Fem-bots

A Fem-bot (sometimes referred to as a Gynoid) is a name for an android depicted in two motion pictures, The Bionic Woman and the Austin Powers film series, which parodied the name. Fans of the Transformers toy lines and related fiction sometimes use the term to refer to a Female Transformer, and it was used once in the Beast Wars cartoon series.

The Austin Powers versions were a parody to the other Fem-bots stated above, which looked like beautiful women dressed in sexually provocative outfits and fought with guns hidden in their breasts which can fire bullets or spray an aphrodisiac gas, depending on the situation. They look like women who have generous proportions to attract their quarry, being very leggy, having ample breasts and having bouffant hair styles that both enhance their glamorous look and hide their processing units. Originally tested by Dr. Evil on his own guards, they were meant to be an appealing yet lethal distraction for Austin Powers while Dr. Evil's plans came to fruition, their pleasing form and seductive behavior appealing to Austin's "free love" personality.

In the initial testing phase, the Fem-bots were revealed on pedestals in a simple room decorated with rocks and lights, wearing outfits consisting of silver hot pants and halter top bras covered with grommets along with white gloves and Go-Go boots. Upon activation, strutting sexily off the pedestal platforms the Fem-bots easily seduced and lethally dispatched a squad of five armed guards using the firearms concealed in their large breasts after bringing them under their spell simply by silently giving them a smoldering look and subtle, seductive movements.

Later on, Austin Powers enters the board room via the Seabass Pool door, only to find the room void of any furniture and the lights dimmed down as the fireplace turns to reveal the Fem-bots in their lair, now styled as a girlishly pink boudoir flooded with psychedelic lights, along with a central bed which, along with the Fem-bots' new innocent yet suggestive fluffy pink nightwear, acts as the main trap for them to detain Austin.

Upon activation the Fem-bots begin to seductively stir inside their lair, while two of them cartwheel behind the super spy to flank him. With Austin distracted, they approach him en-masse, playfully propositioning for him to join them and "have a little fun". Austin politely declines the offer, but is still caught off balance in their presence as several of them swooned seductively before him, allowing one of the flanking Fem-bots to land onto his shoulders and wrap her legs around him. Despite pushing her skirt back over his head, barrels emerge from another Fem-bot’s fluffy brassiere and begins to spray an aphrodisiac gas over him as she continues to gyrate her body, rendering him dazed, confused and even more suggestible to their advances before he passes out.

When he awakens, Austin finds himself in bed with the Fem-bots as they continue to stroke him while he resists them. His efforts seem to be for naught as in his efforts to "calm down," another Fem-bot stands over him, unzipping her bra and commanding him to give in to their seduction. Despite literally falling over themselves to bring Austin under their charms, blocking his exits and demanding him to come back to bed with them, Austin manages to beat them by "out-sexing" them, overloading their processors by giving such a sexually charged striptease that their own programming becomes overwhelmed, causing their heads to explode.

In the second film, Vanessa, Austin's wife, is revealed to be one of Dr. Evil's Fem-bots, evidenced when she goes backwards when Austin presses the rewind button for the television. She then further reveals that she's a Fem-bot after revealing her nipple cannons (which all Fem-bots have). After the fight, Vanessa explodes, and though Austin grieves for about two minutes, he then realizes he's single again. In the third film, Britney Spears was a Fem-bot when twin barrels popped out of her leather top. As he did in the first film, Austin was also able to "out-sex" her.

The Fem-bots in the first film were played by Cheryl Bartel, Cindy Margolis, Donna W. Scott, Cynthia Lamontagne and Barbara Moore. Anita Hart and Cris Thomas Palomino also starred as Fem-bots as stunt extras to handle the more physical maneuvers but were not credited as Fem-bots in the cast list.



  • Pamela Anderson once auditioned as the lead Fembot.
  • In the storyboards for the first movie, the gas is revealed to be an aphrodisiac while the Fembot and boudoir designs are very different.
  • In a workprint of the first movie, there are differences in the Fembots seduction of Austin, with a slightly different exchange. Notably the gas doesn't daze Austin completely, but after he quickly recovers from the fumes, he realises, much to his chagrin, that his libido is spiraling beyond his control, only able to groan in desire as the Fembots dance seductively.
  • The two Fembot variants in the first movie both have blonde, bouffant hairstyles.
  • The aphrodisiac gas Fembots only appear in the first film.
  • Fembots are the only characters known to match Austin in terms of raw sex appeal and sexual stamina.
  • A total of four types of Fembots have appeared in the series. Two in the first film (the test fembots and the aphrodisiac gas fembots), one in the second film (Vanessa Kensington), and one in the third film (one posing as Britney Spears).
  • Out of all the Fembots, the aphrodisiac-gas Fembots were the odd ones out, being the only models that didn't shoot bullets.
  • Austin never encounters the test fembots.
  • Fembots are possibly based on the Octopussy circus and Blofelds Angels of Death. They also parody Bambi and Thumper from Diamonds Are Forever. The seduction scene was inspired by the Castle Anthrax scenes from Monty Python and The Holy Grail, where a sect of women attempt to seduce one of the protagonists away from his quest.
  • The test Fembots and the aphrodisiac Fembots both appear to have very flirtatious and coquettish mannerisms. Despite their true and lethal nature, when the test Fembots are used on Dr. Evil's guards, they appear to be extremely cool calm and confident when Frau orders the guards to kill them.
  • When Dr. Evil's guards initially try to kill the test Fembots when they are introduced, some of them can be seen having an erection through their trousers as they lower their weapons and advance on the girls succumbing to their beauty.
  • An early draft of The Spy Who Shagged Me included He-Bots, male versions of the Fem-Bots. These androids were designed to fight Felicity Shagwell as Dr. Evil and his cohorts believed that without her to protect him, Austin Powers would be easy to defeat without his mojo. They would encounter the He-Bots after escaping their prison cell in Dr. Evil’s secret volcano lair while trying to find Austin’s mojo. Austin didn’t believe he could fight the He-Bots in his impotent state. Felicity took a page from her partner/lover’s own book, revealing her own mojo as she performed a seductive routine similar to Austin’s to out-sex the He-Bots.
  • The World of Austin Powers, a guidebook by British author Andy Lane, states that the Fembots, though they were completed in 1997, were constructed with technology from the 1960s.[1]

Parody of[]

  • Dr. Goldfoot's girls in
    • Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (1965)
    • Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs (1966)
    • Dr. Goldfoot's girls in
    • Dr. Goldfoot's girls in Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (1965) and Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs (1966).
    • Dr. Goldfoot's girls in Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (1965) and Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs (1966).
  • Robot doubles - Casino Royale (1967)
    • Dr. Noah designs robot doubles of world leaders and women.
  • Drax's girls - Moonraker
    • Each group is a large group of girls who attempt to kill Bond/Powers.
  • Octopussy Circus - Octopussy
    • Large Group of girls.
    • Blofeld's Angel's of Death - On Her Majesty's Secret Service
    • A group of girls working for the villain.
    • The AOD are hypnotised, while the Fembots are robots, making them both under the control of a villain.
  • Bambi and Thumper - Diamonds Are Forever
    • A Fembot wraps her legs around Austin's throat. Bambi does this to Bond.
    • Bambi and Thumper are very athletic and acrobatic. The Fembots are too.
  • Caroline Meredith - The 10th Victim
    • Meredith (played by former Bond Girl Ursula Andress) uses a pair of single-shot guns hidden in her bra to kill an enemy, while the Fembots' primary form of defence is their "machine gun jubblies".