Austin Powers

This is a list of games based on the Austin Powers franchise.

Video Games[]

  • Austin Powers Operation: Trivia (PC and Macintosh, 1999)
  • Austin Powers: Oh, Behave! (Game Boy Color, 2000)
  • Austin Powers: Welcome to My Underground Lair! (Game Boy Color, 2000)
  • Austin Powers Pinball (Playstation and PC, 2002)

Other games[]

  • Austin Powers (Ticket redemption game, 1997)
  • Austin Powers Collectible Card Game (Card game, 1999)
  • Austin Powers (Pinball machine, 2001)


  • Austin Powers: Yeah, Baby, Yeah! (Game Boy Color)
  • Austin Powers: Why Make Millions...? (Game Boy Color)
  • Austin Powers: Mojo Rally (Dreamcast)
  • Unnamed PS2 game