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Ivana Humpalot

"Da da, darling." - Ivana Humpalot

Ivana Humpalot (Kristen Johnston) is a Russian hitwoman of Dr. Evil wearing a black bodysuit showing most of her cleavage, who appears in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. Her name is a parody of Xenia Onatopp from the James Bond film GoldenEye and also a pun on the phrase "I wanna hump a lot." She meets Austin during a photo shoot. Austin makes her do some erotic poses in which after the photo shoot asks if she can stick around for a while. They later play an erotic game of chess in which she keeps seducing Austin with her boobs. She is later asked if she is horny and confesses to her connection with Dr. Evil and claims he is too sexy for her to kill and asks if he could make love to her in bed. Unfortunately, shortly after they begin to shag, Austin realizes his mojo has been stolen, rendering him impotent before he satisfies Ivana Humpalot and therefore cannot achieve orgasm. This, theoretically, would make Miss Humpalot the only sexy woman Austin was ever unable to sexually satisfy.

Foreign Language VersionsEdit

  • Czech: Radana Chuja (Ráda na chuje (She) likes on cock).
  • Dutch: Kwil Vanbilski (Ik wil van bil, I want to have sex).
  • French (France): Jorevka Tumbezaski ("Je reve que tu me baise a skis", I dream that you fuck me on skis).
  • French (Canada): Elmor Susafon ("Elle mord, suce à fond", She bites, suck till end).
  • German: Annette Halbestunde (Eine nette halbe Stunde, a nice half an hour).
  • Hungarian: Jovonna Dugogatni (Jó volna dugogatni, screwing would be nice).
  • Italian: Ivona Pompilova (pompino, oral sex).
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Ivana Kertrepar (quer trepar, want to have sex).
  • Spanish: María Unpajote (Me haría un pajote, I would masturbate).