Austin Powers

John Smith was one of Dr. Evil's minions in Austin Powers:International Man of Mystery.

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery[]

When Austin Powers and Vanessa Kensington were captured by Dr. Evil's henchman, Random Task, they were placed over a pool filled with ill-tempered mutated sea bass, that they were slowly being lowered into. John Smith was the guard assigned to watch them to ensure they died while Dr. Evil went to oversee the final stages of Project Vulcan.

Austin managed to blind Smith by blasting him with toothpaste, before using floss to swing over. Austin grabbed Smith and dunked his head into the water. After a few seconds, Austin pulled him back up, but his head was gone, having been completely devoured by the sea bass. Austin made a few head puns before they moved on to stop Dr. Evil.

Deleted Scene[]

In a deleted scene, after his decapitation, the camera zooms in on his name badge, which says John Smith. It then cuts to a Hooters Restaurant where a bunch of John Smith's friends are having a bachelor party for him, since he's about to get married in a few days. One of the attendees, played by Rob Lowe, receives a phone call about Smith's death. He breaks the news to his friends, and then they have a toast to him. (This scene is available on some services, but it is also available on YouTube.)