Austin Powers

"Your assignment is an unhappy one." -Mr. Roboto

Mr. Roboto was a Japanese businessman/illicit terrorist who helped Dr. Evil build his tractor beam in Austin Powers in Goldmember. He owns Roboto Industries, a corrupt Japanese corporation. It can be said that Roboto parodies the typical villainous supporting characters that often appear in James Bond films. Mr. Roboto appears in about four scenes throughout the movie, once at the Sumo Stadium, where he's seen making an exchange with Fat Bastard, in his office, where he meets with Austin Powers and Foxxy Cleopatra, in his factory, where he is revealed to be working with Goldmember, and in Dr. Evil's submarine lair, where he is betrayed by Dr. Evil when he has Scott drop him into the pool full of "sharks with laser beams attached to their heads" after Mr. Roboto asked for a bonus in his paycheck per Japanese custom. Roboto is then promptly devoured without getting paid, as was originally intended, although Dr. Evil was notably disturbed at how exhilerated Scott was when watching him die. His name is an ode to the song "Mr. Roboto." His death is a reference to the James Bond film Thunderball, where a very similar scene ensues.

He is most likely a parody of Mr. Osato (Teru Shimada) from You Only Live Twice considering they are both Japanese henchmen for the main villain who are both successful businessmen.


Quotes with subtitles when Mr. Roboto was speaking Japanese that Austin first thinks were dirty due to white covering until Foxxy translated it to him in English[]

  • "Please eat some shit"
    • With uncovered white blocking: "Please eat some shitake mushrooms"

TBS Version:

  • "Please eat some Dung"
    • "With uncovered white blocking: "Please eat some Dungeness Crab"
  • "Your ass is happy"
    • With uncovered white blocking: "Your assignment is an unhappy one"
  • "I have a huge rod"
    • With uncovered white blocking: "I have a huge rodent problem"

Quote with subtitles that Austin Powers spoke in Japanese, which is added when the white covering was removed[]

  • "I DO have a huge rod"
    • With uncovered white blocking: "I DO have a huge rod .... I wish"