Austin Powers
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Mrs. Marie Kensington is Austin's former sidekick in the 1960s. She is Vanessa Kensington's mother.


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Mrs. Kensington has a tall and slender build, an hourglass figure, and long brown hair with crystal blue eyes. During the mission to capture Dr. Evil, she wears a black leather catsuit.


  • Even though Austin has a soft spot for her, she is married to another.
  • Mrs. Kensington is the only character in the Austin Powers trilogy to be a MILF.
  • She is one of the only two female characters in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery to have D-cup bust sizes, the only difference is that Mrs. Kensington's breasts are real and Alotta Fagina's breasts are fake. This foreshadow's the loyalty they have for Austin.
  • Out of all Powers girls, Mrs. Kensington is the tallest one. The others were below 5 ft 9 in / 174 cm, in which this is actually Mrs. Kensington's billed height.
  • Mrs. Kensington is a spoof of Mrs. Emm Peel character from The Avengers. When Austin was frozen in case Dr. Evil returned she retired and had a child called Vanessa. She was last seen on the phone to her daughter. After that she never appeared again in any of the sequels.


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