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"I'm still alive. Only, I'm very badly burned." -Mustafa

Mustafa (Will Ferrell) is an Arab (either Egyptian or Lebanese) or Turkish henchman of Dr. Evil, appearing in the first and second movies. He is apparently Dr. Evil's weapons designer as he took credit for constructing the cryogenic chamber and the trap fire pit. Due to a quirk in his character he could not resist responding to a question when asked three times in a row. Recognizable by his red fez. Extremely difficult if not impossible to kill.


Mustafa knew Austin Powers in the past, however, Austin could only identify him by his fez. Because of the latter films' use of time travel, he has the distinction of dying twice. Chronologically, he is first killed in the 1960s by Mini-Me. He attacks Austin and Felicity, he is subdued and held at gunpoint for information. It is at this point we discover that he is emotionally compelled to answer a question after it is asked three times. However, when it appears he will comply, Felicity releases his neck, a fatal mistake. He is then shot with a dart by Mini-Me (disguised as a baby) and falls from the cliff. Austin and Felicity have not learned enough information to make a difference. He calls for help, crying that both of his legs are broken.

In the first film, which was his first appearence but second chronological death, Mustafa is sent tumbling into a pit of fire by Dr. Evil after his unfreezing process caused Mr. Bigglesworth to lose all his fur. He survives, and an unknown henchmen enters the room and kills him by shooting him twice (the first proving ineffective).

In both incarnations, he falls from a great height in a seemingly fatal manner, only to survive, call for help, and apparently die off-screen.


  • "Someone help me! I-I'm still alive only I'm very badly burnt."
  • "Oh my legs they seem to be broken."
  • "Do you remember me? Austin Powers?"
  • "You will have to kill me!"
  • "Kiss my ass, Powers."
  • "My name is Mustafa, and I'm the man who will be killing you now..."
  • "Why would he tell me? I'm just one of his low level functionaries."
  • "You'll have to torture me, I'll never tell you!"
  • "Damn! Three times. He's hiding in his secret volcano lair."
  • (spits at Austin's feet) "I spit at the question!"
  • "Ow! You shot me!"

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