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'''Spouse:''' [[Mrs. Powers]] (wife)<br />'''Children: '''[[Austin Powers]] (son) and [[Dr. Evil|Dougie Powers]] (son)<br />'''Grandchildren: '''[[Mini-Me]] (grandson/clone) [[Scott Evil]] (biological grandson)<br />
'''Spouse:''' [[Mrs. Powers]] (wife)<br />'''Children: '''[[Austin Powers]] and [[Dr. Evil|Dougie Powers]] (twin sons)<br />'''Grandchildren: '''[[Mini-Me]] (grandson/twin son's clone) [[Scott Evil]] (biological grandson)<br />
'''Children in law:''' [[Vanessa Kensington]] (daughter in law)
'''Children in law: '''[[Vanessa Kensington|<nowiki/>]][[Vanessa]] Kensington & [[Frau Farbissina]] (daughters in law)
[[Category:Characters|Powers, Nigel]]
[[Category:Characters|Powers, Nigel]]

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Nigel Powers

Sir Nigel Powers (played by Michael Caine), is the father of Austin and Douglas "Dr. Evil" Powers, who appears in the third Austin Powers movie, Austin Powers in Goldmember.


When Austin and Dr. Evil were infants, Nigel took the family on their first family outing to Belgium (presumably somewhere near Bruges). Nigel left the car to urinate, leaving his wife and two children in the car alone. When he came back, he found Austin laying on the ground, scarred. Mrs. Powers was dead and "Dougie" (aka Dr. Evil) was nowhere to be found, leading Nigel to assume he was dead. Dougie was later found by a Belgian man and his 15-year-old love slave with webbed feet, protected by the carcass of his mother. The two raised him in the Belgian town of Brugge and taught him to be evil.

The loss of his wife and son caused him to have a very distant relationship with his remaining son, treating Austin more like a friend than like a father. He ended up no-showing both Austin's selection as an International Man of Mystery and his knighting by the Queen of England.

Austin Powers in Goldmember

Much of the film revolves around Austin trying to rescue his father. After Austin and Foxxy Cleopatra saved Nigel from experiencing the same "unfortunate smelting accident" that Goldmember underwent, Nigel and Austin separated in attempt to thwart Dr. Evil's plans of world destruction. When they met in Dr. Evil's main chamber, Nigel revealed that Dr. Evil was Austin's long-lost brother. After Goldmember was defeated, Nigel was never seen again.

Similarities to Austin

Austin inherits many of Nigel's character traits. For instance, they are both irresistable to women (much like James Bond). They both are optically challenged, thus forcing them to wear glasses. Much like Austin, Nigel doesn't have particuarly good teeth, either. Nigel most likely shares Austin's fear of "carnies"; if not, he shares Austin's opinion that they smell like cabbage. Despite their similarities, Nigel has a tendency to miss many of the most important events in Austin's life, such as his knighting and his reception of the International Man of Mystery award (ironically, the very same janitor from the academy was at Buckingham Palace for Austin's knighting). He also says that he hates people who are intolerant of other peoples' cultures, and the Dutch.


Spouse: Mrs. Powers (wife)
Children: Austin Powers and Dougie Powers (twin sons)
Grandchildren: Mini-Me (grandson/twin son's clone) Scott Evil (biological grandson)
Children in law: Vanessa Kensington & Frau Farbissina (daughters in law)

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