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Rebecca Romijn Santos

Rebecca Romijn (born Rebecca Alie Romijn; November 6, 1972) is an American actress and model. In Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, she portrayed one of the models that are being shoot at Austin's pad while Austin was on a mission to find which of the models were working for Dr. Evil.


Rebecca is a tall and gorgeous woman with long blonde hair and bluish eyes. She also has a large pair of boobs that she shows off to Austin throughout the photo shoot.

The Spy Who Shagged Me[]

When Austin first enters his photo shoot pad, Rebecca is shown being prepped up for the shoot. She notices Austin approaching, and smirks as she readjusts her white robe in a way that allows her rather larger breasts to briefly bounce around. She then walks up to Austin and introduces herself, and giggles when Austin flirts with her. Rebecca comments that his equipment is impressive, to which Austin replies that she has amazing breasts. Rebecca looks down at her chest, and Austin awkwardky says he just said that out loud. Rebecca says that he did, seemingly disgusted, but is implied to be secretly delighted, as she continues to show off her cleavage to Austin throughout the shoot. Then after it ends, Rebecca rushes up to Austin, once again bouncing her boobies around, and even removes her robe a little to reveal more skin and jiggles them right in front of Austin, asking him if he's busy later, implying she wants to join him for a date and sex. Much to her disappointment, Austin has decided to take Ivana Humpalot, the other model, for such a date, saddening Rebecca as Austin rejects her, not realizing that Austin's real reasons was because Ivana Humpalot is also an assassin working for Dr Evil.