Austin Powers
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"So which is it, baby? Spitz or Swallows?" - Austin Powers making a joke about Robin's last names

Robin Swallows (née Spitz) is an employee of Dr. Evil who encounters Austin Powers in his apartment during a party.

Her fate is a direct parody of Fiona Volpe from Thunderball. Much like Mustafa, she is almost impossible to kill, even after being stabbed in the back, shot with a machine gun, blasted with a bazooka, and falling from a high building with Austin, who used her as a shield during all four events. Austin angrily questioned why she won't die before running away. Dr. Evil later says, "Two of my assassins are dead," implying that Robin later died of her injuries.

In a deleted scene, Austin shakes her hand for a long period of time while watching her breasts bounce up and down until he achieves some degree of sexual satisfaction. It’s not clear how much or what kind of gratification he would have achieved from this, given Austin’s impotence at the time due his lost mojo. In another deleted scene, due to her seemingly indestructible nature Austin carries her around in the boot of his car and later uses her as a shield against a drive by shooting.