The Dutch word said was schijten !! A Dutch word that means shit as a verb. It is pronounced SHYten with the t kind of sounding more like a D. Although stront is the regular Dutch noun for shit, you will find common slang usage as SHYten.

I am adding this talk, because within the article it states there is no dutch word, but a similar German word Scheiße, pronounced schwY zeh (and also means shit)

The information in the article is wrong. I wasn't sure where to post that.

In Swedish it's skit, pronounced huWEET single syllable.

One syllable here can still have tonal changes, up and down in one syllable.

the verb is skita - huWEETuh

Lots of words in this area look like they might sound one way when written if you are an English speaker. I'll bet

the author could not understand the unusual spelling of SCHIJTEN and so couldn't find the word when he tried looking

it up, because he wondered what it meant.

----Rebecca Olesen

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