Austin Powers

This timeline chronicles the events of Austin Powers film series.



  • 1940: Douglas and Austin Powers was taken on a trip to Belgium with his family. When his father stopped to urinate, the car was blown up, killing their mother. Nigel only thought Austin survived. Douglas managed to survive the explosion and was found by a relentlessly self-improving boulangerie owner and his French prostitute with webbed feet. They adopted Douglas, giving him the last name Evil.
  • 1942: Number 2 is born
  • 1944: Basil Exposition is born
  • 1949: Fat Bastard boasts that he once ate a baby.


  • 1953: At the age of 14, a Zoroastrian woman named Velma ritualistically shaved Evil’s testicles . He has Polyorchidism, having three testicles . He claims to have named two of them piss and vinegar but after he is struck in the crotch uses common slang calling them his “ balls”.
  • 1956- 1957: Prior to age 18, Douglas Evil entered the British Intelligence Academy to become an International Man of Mystery. Unknown to Douglas, his roommate, Austin Powers, was actually his long lost brother. It was during his time at the academy that he would meet the man that would eventually become the number two in his organization, Number 2. It was also during this time that he got his pet cat, Mr. Bigglesworth.
  • Douglas Evil had the highest marks in the class, but Austin Powers was chosen to be that year's International Man of Mystery. Douglas did get the last laugh, however, when he got to join with the others laughing at Austin when his father no-showed the event. Despite this, Douglas Evil was furious that he had the best grades in the class and didn't get diddly-squat


  • 1962 - Felicity Shagwell is employed as a CIA agent
  • June, 1963: Evil graduated from Evil Medical School earning the name “Dr. Evil”.
  • 1965: Austin Powers settled into life as an International Man of Mystery in the height of the 60s, finding a partner in Mrs. Marie Kensington and a cover persona as a fashion photographer. His fame and skill in bed made him an instant sex symbol of the mod movement. Among his many exploits was a one-night stand with Foxxy Cleopatra. About the only woman he wanted to sleep with, but did not, was Mrs. Kensington, out of respect for her marriage, bemoaning later the fact that "that train had sailed."
  • 1966: Foxy and Austin Powers had an affair before her career as an FBI agent. The two have a one night stand
  • 1967: Austin received word from Basil Exposition that Dr. Evil was planning a trap for him at the Electric Psychadelic Pussycat Swinger's Club. Sneaking into the club, Austin was attacked by one of Dr. Evil's assassins, but managed to overpower him with the help of Mrs. Kensington. However, Dr. Evil shot a harpoon, intending to kill Austin, but hit the assassin instead and escaped, although there is a theory that he actually intended to shoot the assassin, preventing him from telling Austin of his plans. Austin and Mrs. Kensington pursued, but arrived too late to prevent Dr. Evil from sealing himself in a cryogenic pod and launching himself into space. Knowing that, one day, Dr. Evil would return to menace the Earth anew, Austin agreed to have himself frozen so he could battle Dr. Evil in the future.

Timeline 1 (The original timeline)[]

    • Prior to 1969 - Fat Bastard is employed by the Ministry of Defence Cryo Chamber where Austin Powers is frozen. He plans to become a Sumo wrestler in Tokyo; as his dream job.
    • July 16, 1969 - Apollo 11 launched from Cape Kennedy on July 16, 1969, carrying Commander Neil Armstrong, Command Module Pilot Michael Collins and Lunar Module Pilot Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin into an initial Earth-orbit of 114 by 116 miles. In this timeline, Austin Powers would possibly still be in his freezing chamber.

Timeline 2 (Altered Timeline)[]

    • Dr. Evil time travels to his year and hires Fat Bastard as his henchman. Fat Bastard steals Austin Powers’ mojo.

Timeline 3 (Second Altered Timeline)[]

    • The MOD sends Austin back to 1969 with its own time travel device, a convertible Volkswagen New Beetle. Austin arrives at a party in his London pad and with the assistance of a CIA agent, Felicity Shagwell, escapes an assassination attempt by two of Dr. Evil's operatives. Austin and Felicity are pursued by Mustafa, another of Dr. Evil's henchmen; when caught he reveals the existence of Dr. Evil's secret volcano lair. Before he can divulge its location, Mini-Me shoots him in the neck with a dart, causing him to fall off a cliff.
    • After examining photographs from the crime scene at MOD headquarters, Austin identifies Fat Bastard as the perpetrator of the theft of his mojo. At Dr. Evil's lair, Fat Bastard arrives with Austin's mojo. Dr. Evil drinks some of it and has sex with Frau Farbissina. This results in an awkward situation when Frau reveals that she is pregnant. At the same moment Scott, Dr. Evil's son, arrives through the time portal. Dr. Evil announces his latest plan — to hold the world ransom by threatening to destroy major cities each hour, using a giant laser on the Moon. In London, Austin and Felicity get to know each other, but when Felicity tries to have sex with Austin, he turns her down because of his lost mojo
    • Under MOD instructions to implant a homing device into Fat Bastard, Felicity seduces him, allowing her to plant it in his anus. Fat Bastard forces it out of his bowels into a Paddington Station toilet, but a stool sample from the scene is analyzed to reveal traces of a vegetable that only grows on one Caribbean island. Austin and Felicity arrive on the island, but are apprehended. They are put in a cell with a guard who is overcome when Felicity exposes her breasts. Dr. Evil and Mini-Me leave for the Moon to install the giant laser and are followed by Austin and Felicity, who hitch a ride on Apollo 11. In Dr. Evil's moon base, Austin battles with Mini-Me, eventually flushing him into space. As Austin confronts Dr. Evil, Dr. Evil gives him a choice: Save the world or Felicity, who is locked in a chamber with poison gas.
    • Felicity tells Austin to save the world and he succeeds in doing so by kicking Frau, diverting the laser and saving Washington D.C. Felicity is killed by the poison gas. Austin chases Dr. Evil and shoots him in the leg. Before Austin can kill him, Dr. Evil tells him he could use the time machine to save Felicity and the world. Austin travels ten minutes into the past, meeting up with himself and saving both the world and Felicity. Dr. Evil initiates the self-destruct mechanism of the moon base and escapes in his rocket after throwing Austin's mojo into the air. Both Austins fail to catch it and it crashes on the floor and is destroyed. Felicity points out that all the things Austin has done show that he never lost his mojo. They escape through the time portal to 1999.


  • 1970 (Timeline 1): Scott was artificially concieved in a lab after Dr. Evil was frozen.

Timeline 1 (Original timeline)[]

  • 1975 - Dutch-born van der Smut lost his genitals in an unfortunate smelting (or "schmelting", as he pronounces it) accident and has since been known as "Goldmember".
  • Foxxy works as an undercover cop to investigates Goldmember.

Timeline 2 (Alternate Timeline)[]

  • Austin time travel to 1975, and meets up with an old flame, Foxxy Cleopatra. The two find Nigel, but Goldmember escapes in a time machine to 2002. Austin and Foxxy retreat to Austin's time-traveling 'pimp-mobile', and follow.