Screw taking over the world, I got a frickin' paper cut!

a.k.a The Gerg.

Any admin requests can be filled out on my talk page.

I proposing some policies at /Proposed plocies

Note:The folling text is not to be taken serioulsy!(then again, you probably knew that) Real info on me can be found on my Wikipedia userpage.

I am from Belgium. I own virucom, a corpoation that owns companies such as Starbucks, a talent agency in Holloywood, Virucom cable, and other things. I have a cat, named Mr.Bigglesworth. I have also been a frickin evil doctor, for 30 frickin years!

Another note, when somebody vandalizes this wiki, Mr.Bigglesworth gets upset, and when Mr.Bigglesworth gets upset, people die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(or at least blocked).

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