Austin Powers
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Hello, Im Number 2!

Hey, Im Number 2 or you can just call me No.2, #2.... Yeah. Anyway I discovered the Austin Powers wiki on May 5, 2006 and I really much enjoyed it and so I stated to create new articles. My first Article was: Austin Powers in Goldmember.

I was appointed by Dr.Evil to become a sysop since I did my hard work to keep vandals out of here and my over 50 contributions. I am also a member of the Austin Powers Wiki DelCom.


"I had enjoy of you pushing me around!"
- No. 2, International Man of Mystery

I was a former Wikipedia member with over 200 contributions, but I thought that Wikipedia has become giant and huge there is nothing eles to do there so I wont Wikicities in March 2, 2005. Yeah, so I liked it.