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Hi, welcome to Austin Powers! Thanks for your edit to the Britney Spears page.

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Happy editing, Hellatainer (help forum | blog)

I'm not sure.  I added one photo and that was it.

All the photos are still there - just along the side.

Check out Fembotwiki.com - click on Gallery - click on Movies - click on Austin Powers.

I really like all your Britney and Fembot trivia.  Very well observed.  You clearly enjoy their scenes as much as I do.

From MayerBasic.

I think if they were releasing AP4 this year, Kate would definitely be a Fembot.  A funny idea might be showing Kate in her smoking hot bikini, then Austin in his man-kini from AP2.

What do you think of this one?


The Kate and Austin are both in white.

I know.  Wouldn't that be the hottest scene ever?  A nice close-up of the boobs then her giving an evil smirk  :)

Hmm, not sure.  You have any ideas?

Maybe little heart-shaped missiles?  Maybe she fires one out into the ocean and in the distance a huge luxury liner explodes.  Austin looks back at her like Holy Crap!  And Kate's expression says "You're finished, Powers".

Yeah, I really hope Mike Myers goes ahead with AP4.

I miss chatting about Britney and the Fembots with you! :)

Hey dude,

Doing very well. Had a lot of fun over the holidays. Good to hear from you! :)

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